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Discussing relevant and irrelevant cultural topics since 2015

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    37. Juicy Eyes

    In which Sam is stuck in a room with his pestilent co-host, Edwin tells his favorite festive joke and we try and decide the best way to peel a banana.

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    35. Tossing Cookies

    In which we talk about salads and Sam teaches Edwin some new slang.

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    32. The Impossible Burger

    In which we spend far too long talking about a veggie burger, Sam tells you the best way to play golf and Edwin reveals his drag name.

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    31. Dressage

    In which we round up recent mobile games we've been playing and we find the best hip hop horse video on YouTube.

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    30. Science Warehouse

    In which we discuss Stranger Things, Edwin learns that ginger people are white people and Sam tries to get into the prestigious Edwin School of Naps

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    28. To Kill A Mockingbird

    In which we chat about To Kill A Mockingbird, Sam learns how to say ‘France’ in a British accent and Edwin talks about Buzzfeed (again).

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