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Discussing relevant and irrelevant cultural topics since 2015

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    44. Halitosis of the Wild

    In which we chat about the Nintendo Switch, Sam launches a new podcast and Edwin tries to ride a horse.

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    43. Pocket Almonds

    In which we find out that dog management is rather tedious, Sam tries small talk and Edwin smells.

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    42. The Unproductivity Elephant

    In which we try to find something good about the new MacBook Pros, Edwin moves house and Sam loves The OA.

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    40. Happy Is This The Show-mas

    In which we celebrate our one year anniversary and reflect on our favorite things from 2016, Sam pitches his indie game idea of the week and Edwin tries telling another joke.

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    39. Coffee Cup Slam

    In which Sam shows us his technique for avoiding trailers in a movie theatre and Edwin gets over-caffeinated.

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    38. The Game Episode

    In which we spend too long talking about app icon organization, Edwin tries a new podcast app and Sam says ‘tits’.

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    37. Juicy Eyes

    In which Sam is stuck in a room with his pestilent co-host, Edwin tells his favorite festive joke and we try and decide the best way to peel a banana.

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    35. Tossing Cookies

    In which we talk about salads and Sam teaches Edwin some new slang.

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