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Discussing relevant and irrelevant cultural topics since 2015

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    50. Silicone Sphincter

    In which Edwin keeps on his quest for a better way to put toothpaste on a toothbrush, Sam reveals his Kickstarter product idea and we chat about a bunch of TV shows.

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    49. ...But Then the Acting Starts

    In which we chat about Do By Friday and Rabbits, Edwin is still trying to spread the gospel of Calendar One and Sam lets a pug into the studio

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    47. Cupertino Circle Jerk

    In which we chat about S-Town, Pringle roulette, Sam does more impressions and Edwin had to Google whether circle jerk was hyphenated or not

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    46. S Town 7

    In which we chat about Missing Richard Simmons, Riverdale and Legion, Edwin plays Ballz and Sam sings.

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    45. Ghost Chauffeur

    In which we chat about the latest season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and a bunch of other TV shows, Edwin says “shoe clubboard” and Sam does his Nicholas Cage impression.

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    44. Halitosis of the Wild

    In which we chat about the Nintendo Switch, Sam launches a new podcast and Edwin tries to ride a horse.

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    43. Pocket Almonds

    In which we find out that dog management is rather tedious, Sam tries small talk and Edwin smells.

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    42. The Unproductivity Elephant

    In which we try to find something good about the new MacBook Pros, Edwin moves house and Sam loves The OA.

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    40. Happy Is This The Show-mas

    In which we celebrate our one year anniversary and reflect on our favorite things from 2016, Sam pitches his indie game idea of the week and Edwin tries telling another joke.

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    39. Coffee Cup Slam

    In which Sam shows us his technique for avoiding trailers in a movie theatre and Edwin gets over-caffeinated.

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    38. The Game Episode

    In which we spend too long talking about app icon organization, Edwin tries a new podcast app and Sam says ‘tits’.

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    37. Juicy Eyes

    In which Sam is stuck in a room with his pestilent co-host, Edwin tells his favorite festive joke and we try and decide the best way to peel a banana.

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    35. Tossing Cookies

    In which we talk about salads and Sam teaches Edwin some new slang.

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    34. Tasteless Lump of Salty Flesh

    In which we take eating sandwiches far too seriously and Edwin quizzes Sam on the vagaries of British slang.

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    32. The Impossible Burger

    In which we spend far too long talking about a veggie burger, Sam tells you the best way to play golf and Edwin reveals his drag name.

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    31. Dressage

    In which we round up recent mobile games we've been playing and we find the best hip hop horse video on YouTube.

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    30. Science Warehouse

    In which we discuss Stranger Things, Edwin learns that ginger people are white people and Sam tries to get into the prestigious Edwin School of Naps

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    28. To Kill A Mockingbird

    In which we chat about To Kill A Mockingbird, Sam learns how to say ‘France’ in a British accent and Edwin talks about Buzzfeed (again).

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    27. Shoofly Pie

    In which we talk about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 3, Sam is on vacation in an exciting location and Edwin reveals the best thing about hotel breakfasts.

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    26. Originals

    In which we review Originals by Adam Grant, we celebrate our six-month-aversary and the return of Pillow Talk

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    25. London Calling

    In which Edwin tells you the trick to driving in the UK and Sam gets juicy eyes.

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    24. Neko Atsume

    In which we play Neko Atsume, Edwin pop-quizzes himself on shapes and Sam charts some places.

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    23. Total Recall

    In which we review Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sam partially redeems himself and Edwin finds out what smugness sounds like.

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    22. Reap What You Sow

    In which we don’t review Total Recall because Edwin forgot to devote 2 hours a day to listen to it on Audible, Sam reports on his vegetable garden an Edwin goes celeb spotting in his neighborhood.

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    21. Sexy Dance

    In which we become fascinated by BuzzFeed and we reveal our airplane seat reclining tactics.

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    20. Worst. Person. Ever.

    In which we review Douglas Coupland’s most recent novel Worst. Person. Ever., Edwin wishes Sam Happy Birthday on Facebook and Sam discovers how decaf is made.

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    19. Daredeviler

    In which chat about Daredevil season 2, Sam does a suprisingly good Wilson Fisk impression and Edwin jives in.

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    18. Steelheart

    In which Edwin loves another fictional extravaganza while Sam deals with coffee filters and butterfly nets.

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    17. A Sack of Clams

    In which Edwin bulks up with breakfast soup and does his workouts in Sam’s bus gym.

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    16. Linchpin

    In which we review Linchpin by Seth Godin, Sam becomes a farmer and Edwin says “ranch”.

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    15. Fan Mail

    In which we receive our first fan mail, Edwin derails us with nonsense and Sam eats some British gum.

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    14. Sprint

    In which we review Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days by Jake Knapp, Edwin finds out that Tom Clancy is dead and Sam doesn’t have time for all this.

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    12. The Peripheral

    In which Sam uses the peri to go to the Sushi Barn in a squidsuit and Edwin uses the tipstaff in the wheelieboy to sidestep Luke 4:5.

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    11. The Y Files

    In which we review The X Files, Edwin can’t count ninjas and Sam reads tweets from John Carmack.

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    10. The Expanse

    In which we learn what a ristretto is, Sam sleeps on the job and Edwin reveals his policy on wishing people happy birthday on Facebook.

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    9. Essentialism

    In which we review Essentialism by Greg McKeown and talk about Terminator Genisys without doing an Arnie impression.

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    8. The Easiest Of Fruit

    In which Sam can’t count ninjas and Edwin is baffled by the X Files.

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    7. The War of Art

    In which we review The War of Art by Steven Pressfield, Edwin injures himself knitting and Sam talks from his big flappy mouth-hole.

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    5. The Preppiest of Ducks

    In which Sam accidentally writes a best-selling book on parenting and Edwin multitasks in the bath.

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    4. Duck McScrooge

    In which Sam and Edwin provide you with a guide on how to spot pop stars

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    3. Jagged Little Pillow

    In which Edwin tries something new in the bedroom and Sam fixes the top of his funnel.

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    2. The Holiday Despecial

    In which Edwin thinks he’s Starlee Kine and Sam teaches us about the different types of festive bells.

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    1. Pilot

    In which Sam pop-quizzes himself on Dungeons and Dragons and Edwin impresses no one by knowing what GIF stands for.

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